MBK Phoinix Rotary 4.0

Our all new rotary screen printing system opens a new perspective for rotary textile printers combining the advantages of traditional screen printing and latest digital control technology

Evolutionary machine design

Evolutionary machine design facilitates greatly simplified workflow and sustainable performance. Take youself ahead with our fully industry 4.0 capable screen printing system.

Monitoring and mastering your productivity

Ensure quality day after day, locally, remotely, any time, everywhere. Control always lies in your hand, only a mouse click or a thumb swipe  away…….


MBK Phoinix has been developed with a very simple and clear mission on mind:


We undertake every effort to provide an extremely stable, precisely designed and manufactured hardware structure of our machine. For a printing machine this is the vital performance factor and therefore we will never make compromises.


„Simplicity Wins“ is an old and very well known statement. And it is very true! This philosophy does not only apply to the mechanical structure of any machine. Less parts - Less problems - Less failures. It as well applies to the way of operation and designing the projected workflow on any industrial production machine. Convince yourself how stunningly simple the operation of a hightech machine can be.


Reliability may well be considered as the logical result of true simplicity. Modern electronics has helped to simplify the mechanical design and reduce the number of moving parts. At MBK we make sure that reliability problems do not just shift from mechanics to electronics. Our Phoinix digital control architecture has been designed to move you to the next step in terms of computing power and system maintainability. Enter full industry 4.0 capability today.

Get some first impressions

We invite you and welcome you to share the first pictures of Phoinix with us. Taken live at ITM2018 in Istanbul / Turkey.